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Sl NoDateSubjectTopicYearDownload
0114.10.2015EnglishKing Oedipus / Oedipus RexHonours 2nd YearDownload
0212.10.2015EnglishIntroduction to correct pronunciationAll yearsDownload
0314.10.2015EnglishEnglish Parts of SpeechAll years & subjectsDownload
0414.10.2015EnglishSonnet 18 by William ShakespeareHonours 1st YearDownload
0519.01.2016AccountingOrientation ClassHonours First YearDownload
0622.01.2016Social WorkIntroduction to the DepartmentHonours First YearDownload
0722.01.2016Social WorkFresher's Reception 2015Honours First YearDownload
0822.01.2016Social WorkCrime and SocietyHonours Third YearDownload
0922.01.2016Social WorkPoor Law Reform of 1834Honours First YearDownload
1022.01.2016Social WorkThe Beveridge Report-1942Honours First YearDownload
1123.01.2016Social WorkEARLY CHARITIES IN ENGLANDDownload
1223.01.2016Social WorkPERFORMANCE APPRAISAL Download
1323.01.2016Social WorkLocal Government in Bangladesh
1423.01.2016Social WorkSocial Policy Formulation Process
1523.01.2016Social WorkThe Poor Law of 1601Download
1623.01.2016Social WorkPopulation PolicyDownload
1723.01.2016Social WorkTraditional Social Welfare Institutions
1823.01.2016Social WorkSocial Research: Concepts, Types & Steps