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প্রফেসর জুবাইদা গুলসান আরা





Name: প্রফেসর জুবাইদা গুলসান আরা

ID: ০০০০৬৪৪৯

Designation: উপাধ্যক্ষ

Original Designation: অধ্যাপক

Subject: Management

Academic Profile:

Primary School: He completed his primary education from Baria Primary School, Shahidnagar in Shailkupa Upazila of Jhenidah district with a scholarship in talent-pool in class five. 

High School: Biprobogdia High School
SSC: He passed his SSC  in 1st Division in 1983 in Science Group under Jessore Education Board.
HSC:  He passed HSC  in 1st Division in 1985 in Science Group under Jessore Education Board.
Graduation: He completed B.Com Honours in Management from Rajshahi University in 1988. He was placed in the 1st position in upper second class.
Post-Graduation: He completed MBS degree in Management from the same university in 1989. He was placed in the 2nd position in upper second class.

Job Profile:

Qualifying in the 16th BCS, he joined Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) in Education Cadre as a lecturer on 08 August 1996 in Huseyn Shaheed haheed Suhrawardy College, Magura.  He was promoted to the post of Associate Professor on 31.12.2014, the second highest hierarchy in teaching profession. He joined Jessore Government City College, Jessore as Vice principal on 20 May 2015.

Posting Profile:

Date of first joining: 08.08.1996

Sl. No. Name of Institution Serving Designation Serving Period
From To
01 Govt Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy College, Magura Lecturer 08.08.1996 13.05.2008
02 Govt Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy College, Magura Assistant Professor 13.05.2008 17.09.2008
03 Govt MM College, Jessore Assistant Professor 18.09.2008 12.11.2014
04 Meherpur Govt College, Meherpur Associate Professor 13.11.2014 09.12.2014
05 Nawab Faizunnesa Govt. College, Laksam, Comilla Associate Professor 15.12.2014 19.05.2015
06 Jessore Govt  City College, Jessore Vice Principal 20.05.2015 to date


He attended in a wide range of training programmes. Some of them are:

Sl. No Name of Training Course Institution Duration
1. Foundation Course NAEM, Dhaka 04.07.99 – 29.09.99
2. Disaster Management Course BPATC 05.04.97 – 10.04.97
3. Subjective Training National University 29.09.02 – 30.10.02
4. Pre-commission Course BMA 06.04.02 – 30.10.02
5. Computer Application Course BPATC 04.08.03 – 31.08.03
6. Computer (Residential) Course BNCC 04.10.05 – 20.10.05
7. CTC BNCC 10.02.07 – 20.02.07
8. Advanced Leadership Course BNCC 11.11.11 – 25.11.11
9. Meditation Course Quantum Foundation 09.03.12 – 12.03.12
10. Subjective Training National University 06.01.13 – 20.02.13
11. Office Management NAEM, Dhaka 23.10.13 – 05.11.13
12. TOT Course NAEM, Dhaka 27.08.14 – 09.09.14
13. Advanced course on Education and Management NAEM, Dhaka 17.03.15 – 27.04.15

Personal Profile:

He comes of a noble Muslim family on 31 December 1967 in Shahidnagar of Shailkupa Upazila (শৈলকূপা) Upazila of the then Jhenidah Subdivision (now Jhenidah District). His father’s name is Md. Syed Ali who is a donor and founder of Shahidnagar Dakhil Madrasa. His mother’s name is Mst. Jahanara Begum who is a proud mother of bright academicians. He is married to Mosammat Rehana Begum who is an MA in Bangla. His daughter and only child, is Progga Pratiti (প্রজ্ঞা প্রতীতি). He lives in Jessore town.

He was the Founder Chairman of Magura Debating Society and the first President of Shahidnagar Student Welfare Association, and Social Tree Plantation Association.

Fields of Interests:

He is involved in social mobilization, Awareness Programme against Human Traficking, Anti-drug campaign, মানুষের জন্য কিছু করা. His special attention is to the poor people of rural areas. Now he is working in a special awareness programme “Use of ICT in Education”. He passes his leisure in reading books, journals, writing, traveling, browsing websites, etc.


Email ID:,
Phone: 0421-71388/01713-921412

Emergency Contact: 01731-452862

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