Teacher’s Council

Present Teacher’s Council

বর্তমান শিক্ষক পরিষদ

President:                         Professor Abu Torab Md. Hassan, Principal (Ex Officio)

Secretary:                         Dr. Md. Anwar Hossain, Assistant Professor, Department of History

Joint Secretary:                  Bikash Chandra Paul, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy

Treasurer:                               Bibek Biswas, Lecturer, Department of Political Science

Sports Secretary:              Aktarul, Lectuere, Department of Islamic History & Cultural

Literary and Cultural Secretary : Sharmin Sultana , Lecturer, Department of Mathematics

Former Secretaries of the Teacher’s Council

SL. No.NameDesignationSubjectFromTo
1Mr Sakhawat HossainLecturerPhilosophy19871996
2Mr Md. YakubLecturerBotany19871996
3Mr Shekh Abdul OhabAssistant ProfessorPolitical Science19871996
4Mr Mostafizur RahmanAssistant ProfessorBangla19971997
5Mr S M Ekramul AzizAssistant ProfessorBangla19971997
6Ms Nargis BegumLecturerBangla19981998
7Mr Md. Selimul Alam KhanLecturerEnglish19991999
8Mr Shekh Abdul OhabAssistant ProfessorPolitical Science20002000
9Ms Nargis BegumAssistant ProfessorBangla200302.04.2006
10Mr Rabiul Islam (Acting)LecturerZoology03.04.200631.12.2006
11Mr Md. Selimul Alam KhanAssistant ProfessorEnglish01.01.200720.09.2008
12Ms Dilruba Khanam (Acting)LecturerPolitical Science21.09.200831.12.2008
13Ms Mosammat Asma BegumAssistant ProfessorPolitical Science01.01.200921.03.2009
14Mr A K M Asaduzzaman (Acting)Assistant ProfessorBangla22.03.200920.01.2010
15Mr Md. Mizanur RahmanAssistant ProfessorPolitical Science21.01.201031.12.2011
16Mr Md. Abdul HalimAssistant ProfessorAgriculture01.01.201231.12.2012
17Mr Md. Mizanur RahmanAssociate ProfessorPolitical Science01.01.201315.10.2014
18Mr Md. Mohsin Uddin (Acting)Assistant ProfessorZoology16.10.201431.12.2014
19Mr Bikash Chandra RoyAssociate ProfessorBangla01.01.2015