Sheuly Bhadra

Teacher’s    Profile

Department of Botany

Officer’s Name : Sheuly Bhadra (শিউলী ভদ্র)

ID No.                  : 017988

Designation      : Assistant Professor. 

Department      : Botany

Personal Profile: 

She was born in Thana Road area of Sadar Upazila in Faridpur District on 02/08/1972. The names of her father and mother are Jetendra Nath  Bhadra and Roma Rani Bhadra respectively. In her leisure, she likes listening to songs, watching movies, reading books, etc.

Academic Profile:

Primary Education: Govt. Girl’s School, Faridpur.

Secondary Education: Govt. Girl’s School, Faridpur. 1988, 1st Division.

Higher Secondary Education: Saroda Sundary Mohila College, Faridpur. 1990, 1st Division.

Graduation: BSc Hons in Botany, Dhaka University, 1994, 2nd Class.

Post-Graduation: MSc in Botany, Dhaka University, 1995, 1st Class.

Job Profile:

Qualifying in the 22 BCS Exam (General), she joined Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS General Education Cadre) as a lecturer in Botany on 17/12/2007. She was posted first in Jessore Govt. City College, Jessore at the Department of Botany.

Posting Profile:

Sl. No. Name of Institution Serving Designation Serving Period
From To
1. Jessore Govt City College, Lecturer 17/12/2007 13/05/2013
2. Jessore Govt City College, Assistant Prof. 14/05/2013 To date.

Contact Info:

                           Phone No.: 01712162674

                           Email ID: